A selection of gift Ideas for your soul mate <3

Valentine's Mood

For Rocco Barocco Vintage Hearts Earrings

40.00 EUR

For Rocco Barocco Vintage Clover Brooch

70.00 EUR

Vintage Enamel and Crystals Earrings

65.00 EUR

Necklace with Bold Pendant

170.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Necklace

145.00 EUR

For Rocco Barocco Vintage Clovers Necklace

145.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Statue Of Liberty Necklace

200.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Enamel Oval Pendant

160.00 EUR

Haute Couture Bangle Bracelet

85.00 EUR