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    ‘The perfume of luxury is the smell of dreams’ at least it is according to Thierry Hermes, founder of the prestigious French brand.
    Hermès silk scarves are most definitely the stuff of dreams - for decades the so-called carré has been a coveted and glamorous accessory, and now Opherty & Ciocci is home to a selection of carefully selected vintage scarves dating from the 1950’s through to the present day.
    An explosion of colors, historical and modern prints and opulent decorations printed on the finest quality silks make this collection of pieces exquisitely desirable and extremely collectable.
    For those among you who can’t get beyond the idea of a scarf as retro head gear for septuagenarians, it’s time to update your ideas - with a pinch of style, a dash of personality, and a sprinkling of creativity you can transform these silken squares into the kind of killer looks that would have make your grandmother blush.
    There are countless ways to use a scarf – the house of Hermes, for example, has helpfully come up with 36 – now Opherty & Ciocci is on the case with a few ideas on how to transform this timeless classic into a modern-day must have.

    The Art of Silk: Hermes Scarves

    Hermes Paris Vintage Silk Oblong Scarf Ex Libris Grygkar 1946

    215.00 EUR230.00 EUR

    Hermes L'Art Indien Des Plaines 2004 Sophie Koechlin Silk Scarf

    200.00 EUR

    Hermes White Silk Scarf Oranges et Citrons 1962 Madame La Torre

    270.00 EUR

    Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Grotte de Versailles 1969 Tranchant

    320.00 EUR

    Hermes Paris Vintage Silk Scarf Les Armes de Paris 1954 Hugo Grygkar

    165.00 EUR

    Hermes Vintage Brown Silk Scarf Parc Royal 1974 Francoise Heron

    220.00 EUR

    Hermes Paris Vintage Silk Scarf Petite Venerie 1968 Charles Jean Hallo

    150.00 EUR

    Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Brazil 1988 Laurence Bourthoumieux Gray

    290.00 EUR

    Hermes Paris Vintage Silk Scarf Brides de Gala 1957 Hugo Grygkar

    200.00 EUR