Vintage Oversized Womens Sunglasses Euroglass 1318 55-14 140mm Made in Italy

58.00 EUR

Christian Dior Vintage Black Optyl Oversized Womens Sunglasses 2230

235.00 EUR

Roberto Cavalli Mint Womens Sunglasses Adrasto RC 302 393 64/14 with Case

175.00 EUR

Bulgari Bvlgari Tortoise Butterfly Sunglasses 8137 B with Rhinestones 140mm

145.00 EUR

Christian Dior Vintage Womens Mint Sunglasses Mod 2387 55-135mm

190.00 EUR

Christian Dior Vintage Gold Metal and Black Sunglasses Mod 2250

240.00 EUR

Silhouette Rare Oversized Vintage Pink Large Sunglasses Mod. 3022

298.00 EUR

Christian Dior Rare Vintage Unisex Brown Optyl Sunglasses Mod 2284

220.00 EUR

Christian Dior VIntage Optyl Women Mint 1970s Oversize Sunglasses 2279

260.00 EUR