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Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Black Green Sunglasses 8706 PO 73

170.00 EUR180.00 EUR

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Cat Eye Red Sunglasses 8702 P 72

180.00 EUR

Missoni Vintage 90s Matte Silver Metal Sunglasses 9242

56.00 EUR60.00 EUR

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage 80s Gray Marbled Sunglasses 8732 P096

160.00 EUR170.00 EUR

Shield Sunglasses Mod S90 Col 028

255.00 EUR

Rare Irregular Large Sunglasses Mod. 860 56mm

980.00 EUR1,200.00 EUR

10K GF White Gold Sunglasses Mod 414

138.00 EUR145.00 EUR

10K GF Gold Filled Sunglasses Mod 512 56mm

102.00 EUR110.00 EUR

Matt Black Sunglasses Mod Carthago Polarized Lens 56mm

115.00 EUR120.00 EUR