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Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Gold Tone Sunglasses Mod. 56-1274

345.00 EUR

Persol Ratti Vintage Sunglasses 09271/A Brown Tortoise 147 80 with Box

275.00 EUR

Gianni Versace Vintage Black Sunglasses Mod. 291/A Col 852 New Old Stock

122.00 EUR

Rare Oversized Sunglasses Mod Vanessa

345.00 EUR370.00 EUR

Vintage Red Sunglasses Mod. Arion 52mm

90.00 EUR95.00 EUR

Serge Kirchhofer Vintage 70s Oversized Sunglasses Mod. 467 Gold Plated

580.00 EUR

Cartier Paris Brown Sunglasses Marron Corne T8200412 New Old Stock

295.00 EUR

Vintage 24K Gold Plated Sunglasses Mod AC2 52mm

180.00 EUR190.00 EUR

24K Gold Plated Eyeglasses CN 21 52mm

155.00 EUR