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Sterling Silver

Necklace with Bold Pendant

170.00 EUR

Ancient Lira Coin Charms Necklace

295.00 EUR

1000 Lire Commemorative Coin Silver Necklace Pendant Concordia

110.00 EUR140.00 EUR

Sunglasses Mod Pussy Willow 60-10mm

265.00 EUR

VINTAGE Sterling Silver Make Up POWDER COMPACT Mirrored

85.00 EUR95.00 EUR

PERLAS MAJORICA Vintage Sterling Silver 10mm White PEARL EARRINGS w/ Cufflinks

90.00 EUR140.00 EUR

NIALAYA Skull Head Crystal 925 Sterling Silver BRACELET Black String HANDMADE

90.00 EUR

VINTAGE Sterling Silver 925 PATE DE VERRE & TIGER'S EYE NECKLACE w/ Tourmaline

172.00 EUR180.00 EUR