This face has a strong jaw, wide forehead, and wide cheekbones. To soften the features, choose sunnies with sift lines or rimless edges. Say Yes to: ROUND, AVIATOR and SHIELD sunglasses.

SQUARE FACE - Find Your Sunglasses Style

Linda Farrow Pink Women Sunglasses 354 8 Mirrored Lenses 53/22

390.00 EUR

Linda Farrow Black Women Sunglasses 136 21 Cat Eye 54/18

440.00 EUR

Christian Dior Gold Tone Acetate Mint Sunglasses DIORAMA 22H

200.00 EUR

Christian Dior Vintage Gold Metal Sunglasses Marbled Enamel

280.00 EUR

Silhouette Rare Vintage Silver Metal Sunglasses Mod. 431

170.00 EUR

Gianni Versace Vintage Tortoise Sunglasses Mod T94/C Crystals

240.00 EUR

Revo Vintage Silver Metal Round Sunglasses 1408/011 Made in Japan

190.00 EUR

Christian Dior Vintage Black Burgundy Optyl Sunglasses Mod 2325

220.00 EUR

Christian Roth Vintage Purple Sunglasses Mod 14207 Bug Eye 59/14

240.00 EUR