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Persol is the mother of all quality sunglasses. The Persol temples(arms) each have a Persol patented spring temple to help maintain a comfortable fit - something Persol has been doing for over 75 years on its Persol frames. If you know eyewear/Persols, you know Persol frames are built to last. And last. They are the first choice of a host of well-known celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump, Sharon Stone, Barbara Streisand, Glenn Close, Mel Gibson, Cindy Crawford, Grace Jones, Princess Caroline, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Steve McQueen..... Persol celebrity sunglasses are easily recognizable by the distinctive silver Persol "arrow" on the side of the frames. With its reputation for excellence, Persol became one of the world's eyewear giants while maintaining its roots and loyalty to tradition and quality.


Persol Ratti Vintage Sunglasses 09271/A Brown Tortoise 147 80 with Box

275.00 EUR

Persol Ratti Vintage Sunglasses 801/52 Brown Tortoise 142 80

330.00 EUR

Persol Vintage Replacement Mirrored Powerless Lenses

110.00 EUR

Persol Ratti Optyl Vintage Oversized Green Sunglasses Mod. P20 20

135.00 EUR

Persol Vintage Sunglasses PP507

225.00 EUR

Persol Meflecto Rare Brown Eyeglasses 1940s Cicogna Ratti Torino Logo 125 Wide

440.00 EUR

Persol Vintage 9 Curved Powerless Lenses 75% absoption 70mm

110.00 EUR

Persol Vintage Replacement Lenses 75% absoption 60mm

110.00 EUR

Persol Vintage Sunglasses Unisex Gold Shades Mod. U464 135mm wide

135.00 EUR