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The oval face is longer than it is wide. You can pull off any round or square frame. Keep proportion in mind, and try not to go too big or too small for your face. Say yes to: WAYFARER, AVIATOR and OVERSIZED styles

OVAL FACE - Find Your Sunglasses Style

Jean Paul Gaultier Unisex Vintage Sunglasses 56-1174 Gunmetal

290.00 EUR315.00 EUR

Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Gold Tone Sunglasses Mod. 56-1274

345.00 EUR

Lozza Vintage Black and Gold Sunglasses Mod. SL 1085 New Old Stock

88.00 EUR

Gucci Vintage 90s Matte Silver Metal Sunglasses 4036

120.00 EUR

Marcolin Vintage 80s Silver Metal Sunglasses Mod. 6343 49mm New Old Stock

45.00 EUR

Persol Vintage Sunglasses Unisex Gold Shades Mod. U464 135mm wide

135.00 EUR

Rare Irregular Large Sunglasses Mod. 860 56mm

1,200.00 EUR

Vintage Gold Metal Sunglasses Mod. 5892

169.00 EUR

Rare Round Sunglasses Mod. MTC 2 Gold Plated 24K

600.00 EUR