Handbag Professional SPA and Authentication All in 1 package
Handbag Professional SPA and Authentication All in 1 package
Handbag Professional SPA and Authentication All in 1 package

Handbag Professional SPA and Authentication All in 1 package

298.00 EUR

Want your loved designer bag to look as when you bought it? Just purchased a luxury vintage bag and would like to bring it back to pristine condition? Keeping it in the closet for years and years because you're afraid to wear it out?

What we offer:

- Hassle free pick-up: you'll receive an email with a prepaid courier label. Just put your bag nearly in a box, and stick the label we're sending you.

- Delivery video and image confirmation: we'll advise as soon as the package will be delivered to us. You'll receive a video of our unpacking, so there will be NO DOUBT on bag condition, type or reliability of the item received.

- Certification: We will immediately send you a certificate of authenticity of the bag, provided by Entrupy. A second hand bag gains more value if it comes with an expertise or reliable certificate of authenticity. NOTE: This authentication process may be done ONLY for a specific list of brands. Feel free to ask if your designer bag can be authenticated.

- Professional SPA treatment: our leather craftsmen (up to their 3rd generation in leather craft) will carefully restore your bag. They will NOT alter it, nor COLOR it. This is very important to know.

- We will ship the bag back to you.


We do guarantee authenticity of any item we sell, We offer vintage, pre-loved accessories which already lived once. Our mission is to give them a second life, and a chance for you to love them and appreciate their quality.

We work hard to offer you the best online experience, and have you come back to our store happy and willing to purchase again. We would really like to become your fashion online landmark.

We like gaining your trust through a flawless first purchase experience, and our ratings say that we are pretty good in what we do. We describe our items as pre-loved instead of second hand or pre-owned to emphasize the passion and care which we have when we deal with fashion finds. Each of our items is checked, cleaned, qc’d, curated, pictured and described, and only love and passion can make this happen, because it is a hell of a job!

We really would like you to contact us, we love to be helpful with any additional image, description just a simple advice. Behind this screen you’ll find a family and 2 friends, who will all be happy to assist you, anytime.