Chanel Black and Gray Beads Necklace or Belt CC Logos

790.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage 1970s Gold Metal Long Medallion Necklace

750.00 EUR

Gianni Versace Vintage Gold Metal Medusa Necklace Earrings Set Parure

670.00 EUR

Handmade in Italy Mother Of Pearl Floral Statement Necklace

70.00 EUR

Handmade in Italy Glass Beads Floral Statement Necklace

70.00 EUR

Lanvin Gold Metal Key Pendant Necklace Fashion Jewelry

580.00 EUR

Lanvin Silver Metal Asymmetric Emerald Cut Crystal Necklace

340.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage Gold Metal Long Necklace with Clover Pendant

900.00 EUR1,450.00 EUR

Necklace with Bold Pendant

170.00 EUR