The fashion design firm MISSONI evolved from the passions of its talented founders Rosita "Jelmini" and Ottavio "Tai" Missoni.  The two founded their knitwear business with just four knitting machine in 1953, when they married, and it has proven to be a happy and fruitful union ever since. In spring 1967 at their first show in Florence a somewhat scandalous moment presented itself when Rosita had requested the models remove their bras which were visible under the delicate knits and when the spotlights hit the runway the thin garments apeeared to be transparent. The fashion world was shocked! Most noted for their beautiful knits in timeless designs, Missoni sometimes looked to folk arts for inspiration. Missoni knitwear lent itself to colorful designs built around basic pieces which they present in each collection, including pants, long cardigan jackets, dresses, and skirts, as well as knit accessories, introducing variations of all the signature patterns and beautiful color combinations which since their inception have been their hallmark.

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