Jewelry & Watches

Christian Dior Stainless Steel Pandiora Wrist Watch

450.00 EUR

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver 925 Oval Cufflinks with Pouch

240.00 EUR

Gucci Stainless Steel Mod 9040M Wrist Watch Black Dial

280.00 EUR

Gucci Stainless Vintage Silver Steel Quartz Mov. Wrist Watch Mod 1500L

220.00 EUR

Gucci Stainless Vintage Silver Steel Wrist Watch Mod 1500L Quartz

195.00 EUR

Gucci Stainless Steel Wrist Watch Mod 1400L Quartz Black Dial

210.00 EUR

Pandora Sterling Silver 925 Snake Chain Bracelet with Charms

270.00 EUR

Gucci Vintage Sterling Silver 925 Enameled Horse Heads Bracelet

680.00 EUR

Gucci Gucci Stainless Steel Mod 2305L Wrist Watch White Dial

260.00 EUR