Jewelry & Watches

Louis Vuitton Gold Metal Love Lock Pendant Necklace

240.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage Gold Metal Quilted Necklace with Crystals

490.00 EUR

Gucci Vintage Gold Plated Mod 4500 L Watch Black Dial

290.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage 1970s Gold Metal Long Medallion Necklace

750.00 EUR

De Liguoro Vintage Haute Couture Gold metal Calla Lily Brooch Pin

228.00 EUR240.00 EUR

Lanvin Gold Metal Key Pendant Necklace Fashion Jewelry

580.00 EUR

De Liguoro Vintage Haute Couture Necklace with Enameled Pendant

120.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Paisley Brooch

270.00 EUR

CHANEL Vintage Gold Metal Round Clip On EARRINGS CC Logos

250.00 EUR