Thierry Hermes, a French saddle and leather goods maker, founded the Hermes company in Paris, France, in 1837. The first women's fashion collection was designed in 1929 and the handbag design made famous by Grace Kelly in 1956 was first made in 1930. Fashion silk scarves appeared in the 1930s and the Haute Couture collection was stopped in 1956, thereafter concentrating on fine quality accessories.


Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Horloges et Muses Cathy Latham

350.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Les Cavaliers D'Or 1975 Rybaltchenko

285.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Les Promenades De Paris 1962 Ledoux

330.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Cuivreries 1963 Francoise De La Perriere

290.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Brown Silk Scarf Cliquetis 1972 Juliae Abadie

270.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Camails 1974 Francoise De La Perriere

250.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Red Silk Scarf Aladin 1972 Francoise Heron

290.00 EUR

Hermes Paris Vintage Silk Oblong Scarf Cuireries 1963 De La Perierre

300.00 EUR

Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf Les Bolides 1967 Rena Dumas

280.00 EUR