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Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Cat Eye Red Sunglasses 8702 P 72

180.00 EUR

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses 8704 P 74 with Rhinestones

180.00 EUR

Christian Lacroix Vintage Mint Women Sunglasses Mod 7369 63mm LCM

340.00 EUR350.00 EUR

Rare Unisex Large Sunglasses Mod. 355 65mm

395.00 EUR430.00 EUR

Vintage Sunglasses G8913 52-16

88.00 EUR95.00 EUR

Vintage Red Sunglasses Mod. Arion 52mm

90.00 EUR95.00 EUR

Vintage Medium Sunglasses G8913 col. 950

88.00 EUR95.00 EUR

CAZAL Vintage Unisex Eyeglasses 321 COL 192 57mm West Germany

195.00 EUR

Rare Vintage 80s Sunglasses with Umbramatic Lenses

195.00 EUR