The Chanel Quilted Pattern

Chanel Vintage Quilted Leather Classic Double Flap 2.55 Bag

2,500.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage Quilted Leather Barrel Cilynder Shoulder Bag

880.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage Off White Quilted Leather Tassel Messenger Bag

1,600.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage White Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag with Cord Trim

2,400.00 EUR

Chanel Ivory Quilted Leather 2.55 Reissue Flap Shoulder Bag 224

2,200.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage Black Quilted Leather Briefcase Work Bag Handbag

900.00 EUR

Chanel Black Quilted Patent Leather Icon Symbols Long Wallet

490.00 EUR

Chanel Black Aged Quilted Leather New York PNY Continental Wallet

320.00 EUR

Chanel Pink Quilted Cotton CC Camellia Large Tote Bag

900.00 EUR