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Cartier Paris Platinum Gold Wood GIVERNY Mint Sunglasses Bubinga 49/20

1,590.00 EUR

Jean Paul Gaultier Rare Vintage Silver Oval Sunglasses Mod. 58-6202

295.00 EUR

Jean Paul Gaultier Unisex Vintage Sunglasses 56-1174 Gunmetal

290.00 EUR315.00 EUR

Gianni Versace Vintage Brown Medusa Mint Sunglasses Mod. S13 Col 740

270.00 EUR

Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Gold Tone Sunglasses Mod. 56-1274

345.00 EUR

Lozza Vintage Black and Gold Sunglasses Mod. SL 1085 New Old Stock

88.00 EUR

Daytona Vintage Round Sunglasses DA 898/S

85.00 EUR

Gucci Vintage 90s Matte Silver Metal Sunglasses 4036

120.00 EUR

True Vintage 1980s Round Steampunk Unisex Sunglasses by Optimo Made in Italy

65.00 EUR