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True Vintage 1980s Round Steampunk Unisex Sunglasses by Optimo Made in Italy

62.00 EUR65.00 EUR

Roccobarocco by Valberra Vintage Sunglasses Mod. 5080G Col 02 50/12mm New Old Stock

62.00 EUR65.00 EUR

Christian Lacroix Vintage Mint Women Sunglasses Mod 7369 63mm LCM

340.00 EUR350.00 EUR

Karl Lagerfeld Vintage Sunglasses Mod 4221 01

390.00 EUR

Giorgio Armani Vintage Gray Oval Sunglasses Mod 944 140

72.00 EUR75.00 EUR

Lozza VIntage Sunglasses Mod. SL 1570

105.00 EUR110.00 EUR

Lozza VIntage White Sunglasses Mod. SL 1558 135mm wide

105.00 EUR110.00 EUR

Lozza VIntage Unisex Brown and Gold Sunglasses Mod. Letizia 135mm Wide

105.00 EUR110.00 EUR

Versace Vintage Brown Sunglasses Mod. S01 Col 740 58mm

148.00 EUR155.00 EUR