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$100 to $500

Haute Couture Snowflake Brooch

110.00 EUR

Vintage Silver Crystals Brooch Pin

120.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Crystals Brooch Pin

140.00 EUR

Jean Cocteau Jean Cocteau Madeline Flammarion Vintage 1997 Gold Metal Cat Brooch Pin

200.00 EUR

Chanel Gray Tweed and Leather Camelia Camellia Flower Pin Brooch

200.00 EUR

Chanel Black Leather Camelia Camellia Flower Pin Brooch with Chains

220.00 EUR

De Liguoro Vintage Haute Couture Gold metal Calla Lily Brooch Pin

240.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Paisley Brooch

270.00 EUR

Chanel Vintage 1984 Black Metal Brooch

380.00 EUR