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€100 to €250

Lozza VIntage Unisex Brown and Gold Sunglasses Mod. Letizia 135mm Wide

105.00 EUR110.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Cuff Bracelet

110.00 EUR

Haute Couture Snowflake Brooch

110.00 EUR

GUCCI VINTAGE Blue Monogram Canvas THERMOS Vacuum Flask

120.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Enamel Pendant

120.00 EUR

Vintage Silver Crystals Brooch Pin

120.00 EUR

Gucci Vintage 90s Matte Silver Metal Sunglasses 4036

120.00 EUR

Vintage Haute Couture Crystals Brooch Pin

140.00 EUR

GIANFRANCO FERRE Vintage Black Gold Alutanium Sunglasses GFF 30-582 NOS 62mm

145.00 EUR