VALENTINO Vintage Sunglasses on Kim Kardashian's Valentine's day outfit

by Marco Operti on March 24, 2017

When would you wear VALENTINO sunglasses? Well, on Valentine's day. Don't want to spoil you this very nice article on The Daily Mail. You can ready the full article here. These VALENTINO vintage sunglasses (with sterling 925 silver finish on the sides of the frame) are obviously no more available on our website, but our Sunglasses Vintage Selection is FULL of beautiful, one-of-a-kind shades!

VALENTINO Vintage Sunglasses

Our work in research & quality is very entertaining. Sometimes it is exciting and worth it, but it is always hard work, and knowledge always seems not enough.

Kim Kardashian

Our storefront on OPEN FOR VINTAGE is giving us the opportunity to fullfil orders, and sometimes you get to see some beautiful sold items worn by TV and Cinema stars...

VALENTINO Vintage Sunglasses on Kim Kardashian's VALENTINES outfit  Kim Kardashian

Pictures & Credits: DAILY MAIL ONLINE (see link here)