The Vintage Series by The Ladybug Chronicles: Vintage Shopping in LJUBLIANA

Angela Coronella

Posted on September 04 2016

The Vintage Series by The Ladybug Chronicles: Vintage Shopping in LJUBLIANA

A couple of years ago I received a strange call from one of my best friends. It wasn’t really strange but it opened my mind to a new world that I couldn’t imagine, just near my country.

Let me explain this: her husband was spending six months in Ljubljana, Slovenia, because of his job and she was going to visit him once a month during the weekends with her daughter. She told me that she was buying her ticket for her next weekend trip to Ljubljana and she asked if I wanted to go with her. I was tempted: the ticket was cheap, I could sleep there for free and I was a bit bored at the time but…Ljubljana? I barely knew where it was and I didn’t even know what to visit there! Her answer was priceless: she said that the city center was lovely and that the view from the Castle on top of the hill was worth the trip and then she added “There are tons of amazing vintage shops!” Vintage shops? In Ljubljana?

No need to say that once she said that I bought my ticket and joined her immediately!

She was totally right: even if it was cold and snowy the town was adorable and the visit to the Castle was worth the trip (especially the tasty lunch at the Castle restaurant on top of the hill!). Even if it was in winter I could appreciate the lovely bars and shops along the river and the delicate atmosphere of the little streets in the city center. I imagined that it was the perfect location for a summer holiday one day!

But what surprised me the most was the incredible amount of interesting vintage addresses in town! I made a quick research before traveling there and my friend was absolutely right! So if you are planning a trip to Ljubljana (better in summer but winter is ok too!) or if you are invited to Ljubljana by one of your friends, just say yes…there are loads of vintage shops to visit (and they are totally affordable)!

Here is the list of my favorite ones:

1.Vintage Divas: definitely my favorite vintage shop in Ljubljana! The shop itself is beautiful and the antiques furniture makes it look like a castle interior. I found there the best selection of vintage clothing and accessories in town, but I can definitely put it in my top ten list of vintage shops in Europe! There is a lot of research and taste and the pieces are incredibly rare although they’re not pricy at all. I bought there a vintage shirt and two bags and I think that I spent a couple of hours looking for rare gems (which I found!) and getting lost in their huge collection of vintage clothing and accessories!

2.Moje Tvoje: it is a vintage and thrift/second hand store in the main street of Ljubljana and you can find there thrifted and vintage clothes for very good prices. Look for their 80’s dresses: they have a huge amount of incredible dresses from that decade! As they were 50% off I bought two for 10 euros each!

3.Vintage Galerija: definitely one of the top vintage shops of Lubljana! It is located in a lovely small street of the old city and it is quite small but full of vintage gems (especially from the 40’s and the 50’s). Clothes, bags and jewelry form my favorite eras…I couldn’t help spending hours inside this tiny shop to find my perfect match: a beautiful 50’s raffia bag that is still one of my favorite vintage objects ever!

4.Gvant: if you are not scared of getting out of the city center, a quick trip to this second hand store may be very interesting. Not only you will discover new areas were only locals go but you will be surprised to find this huge second hand shop with a special corner for vintage items (especially 80’s dresses and jumpers) for less than 10 euros. It will be impossible to go back home without a bag full of vintage bargains!

See you next month with a new story of The Vintage Series!

Vintage Love,


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