AUTHENTI-HOW: BALENCIAGA zippers and more!

Barbara Di Teodoro

Posted on October 25 2018

AUTHENTI-HOW: BALENCIAGA zippers and more!<br><br>

#onlyauthentic #authentihow : This week's focus is on BALENCIAGA. Unfortunately, we are coming across more and more counterfeits, especially when looking at popular models such as "CITY BAG". Among a very, very close inspection, here are a few things to watch out for, to be a little safer when it comes to purchasing online:

1) Zippers: we noticed that the majority of counterfeit bags have a very, very wrong "LAMPO" zipper logo, on its reverse internal zipper. Take a look at the logo on this picture. It MUST be the same.

Authenti-How - BALENCIAGA authenticity - opherty & ciocci

2) Look, feel and touch, "at a glance": I am sure you may have read this in many blog posts, reviews and tutorials. Quality is extremely important. You would pay thousands of dollars for an original Balenciaga, therefore quality expectation is quite high. This label tend to use soft, thin genuine distressed leather. Leave "shiny", "cracked" and "uniform" Balenciaga bags where they are. If you cannot touch and feel it, ask the seller to send you as many pictures as possible.

3) Tassels & Hardware: Tassels have to be soft, and of the same quality of the bag. "Hard" and "rumorous" tassels are NOT good... Concerning hardware, you'll find silver metal which will look more worn that it actually is; this is because this kind of look perfectly fits with "distressed" leather. It could also be brass. No SHINY SILVERS!

Authenti-how: BALENCIAGA authentication - opherty & ciocci

Serials on the internal tag obviously have to be the same digits as on its reverse. More on serials in the next posts!


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